Sunday, November 25, 2012

Recap of the 34th Annual Brown Family Reunion 2012

Clara Josephine Brown Family Descendants

Saturday August 4, 2012 was the beautiful day my grandchildren and
greatgrandchildren gathered in my name. I noticed about 50 of you set aside time
to meet in Mpls at the Minnehaha Park.  You sure did get lucky with the weather. 
After a week of sweltering heat and oppressive humidity the cooler temps
moved in just in time for your family party. 

If you have trouble remembering all the people in the photo, here is a list.

Descendants of Evelyn:  Cynde Leas and Carolyn Ketchmark

Descendants of Dorothy:  Jeanne, Jim and Mike Albrecht,  Johnny Harmening (Susan Sandberg), Janice and John Snyder, Susie Forst and her children Katelyn, Bergan and Ramsi.  Tammy, Scott, Derek and Nicholas Riley, Tracey and Shelby Harmening, Deb and Chris Lepper with their children Emma and Peter.  Becky, Parker and Emmitt Olson, Jennifer and Todd Wright and their children Anna and Simon and Jackie Reiter too!

Guest of Honor RICHARD!!! 90 years young at the time.
Descendants of Richard:  Owen Lundquist and Julieann Froemke

Descendants of Robert:  Carolyn and Dan Allen

Descendants of Clarence:  Niomi, Miranda and Adrianna Crow. Robert Ahlberg. 
Bodhi McKinney and 4 small great-grandsons (I can't remember all of their names).

Thank you for honoring my son Richard at your family party. Doesn't he look great???? 

When asked "Tell Me About Yourself"....this is what Richard had to say.

My Name is Richard Lundquist born on September 5, 1921.  I have a twin brother named Robert.  On March 28, 1943 I married Ilene Weick.  We have three children, Owen, Julieann and Bruce.  I have 5 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.  I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.  My favorite memory of growing up was being adopted by a wonderful family and meeting my birth family.  The one thing I still want to accomplish is getting more acquainted with my birth family.  My proudest moment was meeting my blood relatives.  I regret that I did not meet my family earlier.  The silliest thing I ever did when I was 5-10 years old was play tricks on my mother with my identical twin brother Robert.  I want to be remembered as a gentleman. One of my favorite hobbies is playing Bingo.  The most interesting place I have ever been to is Hawaii.  I like being a member of this family because of its good roots.  I can't wait to see my siblings again.  This year I intend to spend time with my grandkids.  I am happiest when I am eating. 

Someone else is happy when eating.  This is Emmitt Jon Olson one of my youngest great-great grandchildren enjoying an ice cream treat. The local ice cream cart stopped by in honor of my great grandson Mikey's 45th birthday.  Happy Birthday Mike!!

Looks like you all had a good time visiting,
playing games, swimming, eating and enjoying the park. 
You can see all the family pictures taken during this reunion
on the website.
 A Clara Brown Photo Album has been created.

When are you going to get together again? 
 Send me your ideas about where and when you would like to meet in 2013. 
We should also select a family member to be the special guest of honor. 
You can post your ideas and comments to this blog or write me an email at

Until then......
My love to all,
Clara Josephine