Sunday, November 25, 2012

Recap of the 34th Annual Brown Family Reunion 2012

Clara Josephine Brown Family Descendants

Saturday August 4, 2012 was the beautiful day my grandchildren and
greatgrandchildren gathered in my name. I noticed about 50 of you set aside time
to meet in Mpls at the Minnehaha Park.  You sure did get lucky with the weather. 
After a week of sweltering heat and oppressive humidity the cooler temps
moved in just in time for your family party. 

If you have trouble remembering all the people in the photo, here is a list.

Descendants of Evelyn:  Cynde Leas and Carolyn Ketchmark

Descendants of Dorothy:  Jeanne, Jim and Mike Albrecht,  Johnny Harmening (Susan Sandberg), Janice and John Snyder, Susie Forst and her children Katelyn, Bergan and Ramsi.  Tammy, Scott, Derek and Nicholas Riley, Tracey and Shelby Harmening, Deb and Chris Lepper with their children Emma and Peter.  Becky, Parker and Emmitt Olson, Jennifer and Todd Wright and their children Anna and Simon and Jackie Reiter too!

Guest of Honor RICHARD!!! 90 years young at the time.
Descendants of Richard:  Owen Lundquist and Julieann Froemke

Descendants of Robert:  Carolyn and Dan Allen

Descendants of Clarence:  Niomi, Miranda and Adrianna Crow. Robert Ahlberg. 
Bodhi McKinney and 4 small great-grandsons (I can't remember all of their names).

Thank you for honoring my son Richard at your family party. Doesn't he look great???? 

When asked "Tell Me About Yourself"....this is what Richard had to say.

My Name is Richard Lundquist born on September 5, 1921.  I have a twin brother named Robert.  On March 28, 1943 I married Ilene Weick.  We have three children, Owen, Julieann and Bruce.  I have 5 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren.  I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren.  My favorite memory of growing up was being adopted by a wonderful family and meeting my birth family.  The one thing I still want to accomplish is getting more acquainted with my birth family.  My proudest moment was meeting my blood relatives.  I regret that I did not meet my family earlier.  The silliest thing I ever did when I was 5-10 years old was play tricks on my mother with my identical twin brother Robert.  I want to be remembered as a gentleman. One of my favorite hobbies is playing Bingo.  The most interesting place I have ever been to is Hawaii.  I like being a member of this family because of its good roots.  I can't wait to see my siblings again.  This year I intend to spend time with my grandkids.  I am happiest when I am eating. 

Someone else is happy when eating.  This is Emmitt Jon Olson one of my youngest great-great grandchildren enjoying an ice cream treat. The local ice cream cart stopped by in honor of my great grandson Mikey's 45th birthday.  Happy Birthday Mike!!

Looks like you all had a good time visiting,
playing games, swimming, eating and enjoying the park. 
You can see all the family pictures taken during this reunion
on the website.
 A Clara Brown Photo Album has been created.

When are you going to get together again? 
 Send me your ideas about where and when you would like to meet in 2013. 
We should also select a family member to be the special guest of honor. 
You can post your ideas and comments to this blog or write me an email at

Until then......
My love to all,
Clara Josephine


Friday, July 6, 2012

Reunion Memories

For many years the Brown Family faithfully celebrated our family history with a reunion each Summer.  Anyone remember this year? The cake says 20th Anniversary Brown Family Reunion.


Someone has a beautiful keepsake book full of reunion photos and past invitations.  Lucille Lundquist?  Thank you for taking the time to preserve all those wonderful memories. Everyone is encouraged to bring their photos and reunion keepsakes to this year's reunion for all to enjoy.

Our reunions have been as unique as our story. While searching to learn more about our family history we have gathered at parks, campsites and cemeteries all over the state. Mpls, Hackensack, Wheaton, New Ulm, Sandstone.  These pictures were taken in Zumbrota.  The house has woodwork constructed by anchestor Hans Hanson (Clara's father).

Do you remember your family color?

No reunion is complete without games.  There has been basketball
 (that's Ruthie--bet it was a winning swish)

swimming, volleyball, egg toss,

waterballoons, gunny sack and wheel barrel races. The famous Polish Tiddlywinks.

Anyone remember this fun game?   "Catch the shaving creme in a cup balanced on your head."

Once upon a time there was a trophy.  We might not ever see it again. The trophy was awarded to the family with the most game points. Maybe it's time to start a new tradition......present the "guest of honor" family member with a framed group photo. How about designing a family crest?

Many years we stayed overnight. Next day mornings were slow.  Sleepy heads awake to the smell of bacon frying...a George and Rosie Ketchmark breakfast and Julieann caramel rolls. Yum Yum.  And then the dreaded clean up and goodbyes. 

 What reunion memories do you have?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Place To Gather

Hello Again Children, Grandchildren, Greatgrandchildren.....

We have a Brown Family Reunion planned for
Saturday Aug 4th 2012 in Minneapolis
where we will be "Celebrating Our Family" 
with Guests of Honor
Clarence Ahlberg and Richard Lundquist.

Minnehaha Park was chosen for several reasons....
our first reunion was held there,
short travel distance for most, many nearby attractions
and most importantly close to Clarence. 

The Wabun B Picnic Shelter
at Minnehaha Park has been reserved
for our Brown Family Reunion.  
The picnic shelter is ours as early as 9am
Let's plan on beginning family introductions and group photos at 11am

Of course we need a big potluck. 
If everyone brings a dish to share, we will have plenty of food.
Plates, forks and napkins will be provided.
Bring your own meat if you are interested in grilling.
The shelter has one large group grill. 
Grills can be brought into the park.
The shelter also has electrical outlets and a water jug. 
Our shelter provides picnic table seating for 100 people. 
You may want to bring your own lawn chair for more comfortable seating.
3.2 beer in cans is allowed.  Please plan to bring your own beverages.

The Wabun B Picnic Shelter is near
modern accessible restrooms, a wading pool, disc golf and much more.
Free Parking is first come, first serve. 
You may want to bring extra coins for metered parking.
This map shows where to find free parking near the Wabun B Picnic Shelter
The Hiawatha Light Rail makes a stop at Minnehaha Park. 
Park and Ride Lots can be found at Mall of America, Fort Snelling and Lake Street.

Out of town guests looking for lodging will find many options.
 The Country Inn and Suites located in Eagan
 is located near 494 and 35E and very close to Minnehaha Park and Clarence.
Clarence is currently living at the Southview Acres Care Center
2000 Oakdale Ave West St Paul MN 55118

Here is a map that includes Minnehaha Park,
Southview Acres Care Center and the Country Inn adn Suites Hotel

Coming Soon: Your invitation in the mail. 

 It's sure to be a fun day for family members of all ages.

See you Saturday Aug 4th!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Are you my relative?

Hello Children, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren........

If you are related to
Evelyn Ketchmark, Myrtle Craite, John Henry Brown,
Dorothy Harmening, Leonard Brown, Robert Kvam,
Richard Lundquist, Robert Lundquist and Clarence Ahlberg
you are related to me!  These are my children.

My name is Clara Josephine Brown. 
If you want to learn more about me, my husbands, my children and all of our anchestors, write to me at my email address I can send you a scanned copy of the Brown Family History Album created by Janice Marie Snyder, my granddaughter.  Hats off to Janice for all the
previous work she has done to preserve our story. 
I dedicate this blog to you, Janice.

I think it is time for us to gather together and celebrate our history. 
How about we gather this Summer? 
How about we go back to the place where you first gathered?
Minnehaha Park?  

Mark your calendars. 
Saturday, Aug 4th 2012 at Minnehaha Park.
We have so many good reasons to get together. 
One very special reason greatgrandson
Michael Albrecht will be celebrating his 45th birthday. 
Let's plan a great big family birthday bash for Mike.

Now, I am going to need to know how many of you
want to come celebrate our Brown Family History
so please let me know (as soon as you have decided)
if you are coming or not.  I also need your help
spreading the word to all the relatives.
 There are many missing mailing addresses and email addresses.
 Please share with me all the addresses you have at
I'll be sure to keep our personal information safe and
contact information will not be posted on this blog.

 Every month I will be asking for your help in planning this reunion. 
First decision to be made is.....what would you like to do during our reunion?

 Some of my ideas are
meet early in the day
introduce family and take group photos
bring your own picnic lunch
visit, tell stories, share pictures
explore the park, trails and other things nearby
play some games (anyone know where the trophy is?)
celebrate Greatgrandson Mike's birthday with a special treat
visit more, tell more stories (anyone want to plan a program?)
dinner on your own and return to the park for evening festivities

Send me your ideas and comments. 
I would love to hear from you and value your input.