Friday, July 6, 2012

Reunion Memories

For many years the Brown Family faithfully celebrated our family history with a reunion each Summer.  Anyone remember this year? The cake says 20th Anniversary Brown Family Reunion.


Someone has a beautiful keepsake book full of reunion photos and past invitations.  Lucille Lundquist?  Thank you for taking the time to preserve all those wonderful memories. Everyone is encouraged to bring their photos and reunion keepsakes to this year's reunion for all to enjoy.

Our reunions have been as unique as our story. While searching to learn more about our family history we have gathered at parks, campsites and cemeteries all over the state. Mpls, Hackensack, Wheaton, New Ulm, Sandstone.  These pictures were taken in Zumbrota.  The house has woodwork constructed by anchestor Hans Hanson (Clara's father).

Do you remember your family color?

No reunion is complete without games.  There has been basketball
 (that's Ruthie--bet it was a winning swish)

swimming, volleyball, egg toss,

waterballoons, gunny sack and wheel barrel races. The famous Polish Tiddlywinks.

Anyone remember this fun game?   "Catch the shaving creme in a cup balanced on your head."

Once upon a time there was a trophy.  We might not ever see it again. The trophy was awarded to the family with the most game points. Maybe it's time to start a new tradition......present the "guest of honor" family member with a framed group photo. How about designing a family crest?

Many years we stayed overnight. Next day mornings were slow.  Sleepy heads awake to the smell of bacon frying...a George and Rosie Ketchmark breakfast and Julieann caramel rolls. Yum Yum.  And then the dreaded clean up and goodbyes. 

 What reunion memories do you have?

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