Sunday, August 10, 2014

Recap of 35th Annual Brown Family Reunion 2013

                                                  This 2013 year we honor Evelyn Ketchmark
 and all her immediate relatives.

Evelyn was born to Clara Hanson and John Williams Evans on 04-13-1906.

John Williams Evans.

John and Clara had one child, Evelyn.  The marriage ended in divorce.
 John relocated to Hawaii, remarried and had a large family.  John's grandson Gene and great-grandson Ian, both from Hawaii, attended the 2013 Brown Family Reunion.
Gene and Ian spent one week in Minnesota and met many cousins for the first time.

Ian and Gene Evans
Evelyn married Stephen G Ketchmark on November 17, 1924. 
Stephen worked for Great Northern.  He passed away January 30, 1956. 
Evelyn and Stephen had four children;
George, Donald, Michael and Roger.
John Evans is the grandfather of Evelyn's four sons.
When Clara passed away, the half brothers and sisters were separated. 
Evelyn's love and determination brought everyone together again.
Let's keep celebrating..........

                                                       Brown Family Aug 16-18, 2013

                                        The reunion weekend took place at Sibley State Park.
The Brown Family reserved a group center complete with a kitchen, bunk houses and a campfire!!

                                          Groups of relatives went for a hike up Mount Tom.

Almost to the top of Mount Tom.

                                                        Some needed a ride back down.

L to R:  Parker Olson, Miranda Crow-Rogers, Cory Harmening, John Harmening & Ramon Rogers.

Time to Rest.
L to R:  Keith Ketchmark, Nate Ketchmark, John Harmening & Cory Harmening.
                              The next morning the Brown Family Reunion Tradition.......
                                                             Julieann's Caramel Rolls

L to R: Becky Olson, Julieann Froemke and Debbie Lepper.
Hangin out and reiminiscing over pictures.
L to R:  Emma Lepper and Tracey Harmening-Nelson
Until we gather again.


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