Sunday, March 29, 2015

2015 Brown Family Reunion Invite

37th Annual Brown Family Reunion

Friday Aug 7- Sunday Aug 9, 2015

Lake Shetek

Come have fun on the largest lake in SW Minnesota

Place to Gather

Meet at the lake home of Jeanne & Jim Albrecht  
4th house on Sioux Trail Road

Friday Evening-Stargazing Campfire
Saturday Noon-Light Sandwich Lunch
Saturday Potluck-Bring Food to Share

Lodging Options

21 Valhalla Drive Slayton MN 56172
Rooms are reserved under the name of Jan Snyder.  
One room has two double beds.  Approximate rate $65/night.  
Rooms are available on a first come basis. 
Please RSVP to Janice 952-237-3143 by Friday, May 1st. 
Check in Friday 3 pm and check out Sunday 11 am.

Camping sites on the Albrecht Lake Home Property 
163 State Road Currie MN 56123
Phone: 507-763-3256

Fun Things To Do

The Brown Family will have access to campfires, tent canopies, 
boating, pontoon rides, ski boats and lots of outdoor fun!!!!
Cards, board games, bingo and family trivia on standby in case of rain.

Nearby Attractions

Laura Ingalls Museum in Walnut Grove 20 miles from Lake Shetek
Wheels Across the Prairie Museum in Tracey 13 miles North of Lake Shetek
End O Line Railroad and Park Museum in Currie MN 

Brown Family Quote of 2015 

"Our family is just one tent away 
from a full-blown circus."

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